New Tomb Raider is the Start of an “Origin Series”

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In an interview with IGN, Tomb Raider’s creative director Noah Hughes has spoken about the future of Crystal Dynamics’ younger Lara as the studio’s Tomb Raider reboot nears release.
The new Tomb Raider chronicles Lara’s first adventure, seeing her grow from frightened, shipwrecked survivor to toughened adventurer – but her development doesn’t just stop there, says Noah. “We envision carrying forward from here, rather than this being a brief detour into her origins,” he says. “We want to start this adventure here and carry it on… that’s not to say we wouldn’t skip a year here or there, but we started this with the idea of continuity and building upon .”
Asked whether this meant we’d be seeing more of this new Lara, Hughes was unambiguous: “I look at this as an origin series rather than an origin story. By the end of Continue reading…
Source: IGN Video Games  

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