Short Biggie

Short Biggie

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Short Biggie the band
The Band
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Short Biggie the band

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7 thoughts on “Short Biggie”

  1. Jeff Beck!!! We love your thoughts!! You can contact the bass player at …. hmmmmm. We don’t have any of the members of Short Biggie contact information. They are so private!!

    Thank you, Jeff. I’ll pass it along whenever I see anyone of my “band mates” in Short Biggie.

    What a great compliment. Thank you!

  2. Chicago is probably the longest lived bands of all times. Great music, except during the 80’s in my opinion. Whatever kept them together? Money, greed, ego, pride or just the love and music and all the benefits that came with it provided? Maybe they had money problems or some that were greedy or had an ego larger than the band. It seems that they eliminated those things and continued to a huge success.

    As the trombone player in Short Biggie, I’m so sorry to know that the elements fought for to eliminate our struggles were not successful. We simply ended, as did our God-gifted talents, to have found a productive and harmonious group of musicians… musicians not congregated at a university, but from among a sparsely populated area in rural Virginia.

    I played for the enjoyment of our listeners. I apologise for my inability to help hold together, what I feel what was, a gift from god as such a once in a life time band.

    I thank all that continue to enjoy our recordings and remember our times together with joy.

  3. In remembrance of Chris Ippilito, (guitar player in the chair) or past friend and loved musician in Fredericksburg and beyond that knew him.

  4. Short Biggie was a great band…when you look at their location…more than great. To find a compilation of musicians like this in Central Virginia was unique to say the least…and as a bass player myself, yes, Mike is an incredible talent.

    1. Mike is an awesome musician. His talents are natural and God gifted. He also received much influence and many suggestions from Fred Lusby, another extremely gifted and talented musician. All found in Short Biggie was a “group” effort. The resulting music of our band was much greater than the sum of all individuals.

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