Miley Cyrus Dances with Twerking Dwarfs on German TV Show

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By Hilton Hater

Miley, meanwhile, will stop the single “

Miley Cyrus took to the stage last night on the German television show Schlagg Den Raab, leaving her foam finger at home, but bringing a band of little people along with her.

Yes, Miley was in full “We Can’t Stop” form, prancing around in a bedazzled top… slapping the rear end of one Twerking backup artist… and mugging it up with the other musicians, all while a large teddy bear just hung out in the background.

Don’t ask why. Just watch the 20-year old’s latest performance now:

Miley, meanwhile, will stop the single “Wrecking Ball” tomorrow and may be facing trouble at home:

Liam Hemsworth reportedly wants a clean break from his fiancee.


Source: The Hollywood Gossip

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